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Toombul Medical Centre is Closed.

You can still access MDC, Biala or Melaleuca Clinic to find a prescriber.

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Dr Pluta

Dr Pluta is no longer looking after "programme" patients. AHPRA / The Medical Board have taken the stance that Dr Pluta / Dr Reece and Dr Herdy: three of the main prescribers in SE QLD should be stopped from looking after Substance Use patients for the safety of the patients.

There have been no complaints about Dr Pluta's treatment / management of Substance Use patients.

To my knowledge, Dr Herdy and Dr Reece have no problems in the treatment of their patients. Dr Reece had been warned by AHPRA that it was wrong to tell pedophiles to stop abusing children.

Dr Herdy has stated that in his career of looking after many thousands of patients with Substance Use problems, he has only had two of his patients die. This is in a disease with a mortality approaching 50% untreated. It is an amazing feat of responsible and safe medical practice, one that few doctors could even hope to achieve. Keeping patients engaed in a treatment program is a real balancing act beteeen convenience and safety based decisions.

The AHPRA/ Medical Board decision ensures that approximately 2000 patients in
South-East QLD have been forced to face the issue of without warning, being denied a prescriber. The patients are all instantly in the "untreated" category. AHPRA /the Medical Board believes this is for their own good.

You would have to wonder
who in AHHPRA / the Medical Board
hates Substance Use patients so much
that they would act to deliberately act to inflict harm on them.


The tragedy is that the people who AHPRA's actions harm, are not people who have active "Substance Use" problems, (the people who give drug users a bad name). They are all people who have made the decision to stop using substances and to get their lives , their health and their finances back on track. Now they are to be forced to face illness, poverty and death-
" all for their own health and safety
according to AHPRA/ the Medical Board.

And if you think you are special in Qld.": AHPRA/ the Medical Board restricted 20 of 60 of the main prescribers in Victoria in the year just past. Dr Julian Fidge of Wangaratta, is the latest prescriber doctor facing- being forced to stop work , that I know of.

Victorian Opioid Doctors Crisis


Stuart Reece 1

Stuart Reece 2


Short Version ( Dr Pluta's Story) .

Long Version (Dr Pluta's Story).

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AHPRA attacking Doctors

AHPRA closing down Victorian Program Doctors


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"No one" has been hurt or injured to trigger this event. In fact the patient at the base of this event has done very well and is happy with Dr P's treatment. In my opinion, the restrictions appear largely based on a dislike of ORT/mental health doctors in general. Many doctors also feel GPs should not be involved in treating mental health issues, shortage of these qualified doctors notwithstanding.

In my opinion the system is not very concerned about welfare of ORT patients and mental health patients if the system does not care about outcomes. To get in trouble for making people "well", is something life experiences would not prepare you for.

If you are interested read the Sunday Mail article at this link , Long Version (end of page). Dr Ps patient did much much better than this.




Re Long Acting Injectable : Buprenorphine.
Sublocade has refridgeration requirements for this medication.

These Medications have a role where patients are finding they are having problems trusting themselves to take their medication properly and having problems trying to stop using opioids.

See Buvidal Patient Booklet.pdf



Contact Details

Dr Andrew Pluta
UMC North Lakes Doctors

26 Torres Crescent, North Lakes
P: 3482 3123

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Alcohol and Drug Information Service

Adis 24/7 Alcohol and Drug Support provides a 24 hour, 7 day a week counselling, information and referral service for anyone with concerns about their own or someone else's use of alcohol or other drugs. This is a free, anonymous and confidential service.

What does this service provide?

Who can use this service?

You can phone Adis anytime on 1800 177 833.

Alcohol and Other Drug Services (AOD)

In Queensland, treatment services are provided in local communities by Queensland Health's Hospital and Health Services, non-government and private organisations.

Services can provide comprehensive assessments for substance use as well as brief intervention, treatment planning, case management, counselling, withdrawal, residential and non-residential treatment programs, and referral to other services if required.

To locate your nearest AOD service:



MDC Clinic is open M-F 6-11 am,, Sat/Sun 7.30-10.30am.

IDC(Ipswich) is open 12.30-3.30pm M-F with an arrangement with a local chemist to dispense early morning doses or weekend doses.

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Programme Patients , please Call the clinic
if you need advice about an urgent problem.
e.g. Changing pickups, Dose issues


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Corona Virus Information

Victorian Opioid Doctors Crisis


Stuart Reece 1

Stuart Reece 2


Short Version ( Dr Pluta's Story) .

Long Version (Dr Pluta's Story).



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Toombul Medical Centre Emergency

The Toombul Medical Centre is Now Closed.

We have had one metre of water through the surgery over the weekend at the end of February 2022. Many of our consulting computers are out of action. Much of our surgery stock, medications and furniture are all damaged. Even the new wooden floor will be water and mud damaged.

In my opinion, its the end of the road for our Clinic.

It will take time for repairs and renovations to be done. I have done some work cleaning out the clinic and boxing up everything for the doctor owning the place. What a mess. I can't see much chance of it all being set up again.
The Shopping Centre Management is still restricting access to the centre for everyone. Final Note on this at the bottom of the page.

The old DDU / Now MHRQ: will also give you a list of private prescribers.




The Toombul clinic policy was 'ONE PROBLEM --- ONE CONSULTATION'. We have felt this was the only way to make Bulk Billing possible and sustainable. Government clinics may be free but they ration access by waiting time not by making you pay for your appointment.

There are some plans to reopen the Toombul Clinic but this plan is still in its infancy. Updated October 2023.



Toombul Medical Centre Emergency

Re Toombul Medical Centre: Notes on the Cleanup

It was sometime before we were even allowed access to the Clinic. The Shopping Centre Management was really dragging its feet. To me, it looks like if we had done what everyone else had done and just cleaned up the flood damaged premesis, hosed it all out and dumped stuff, we could have been back in action in a few days- to some extent at last.

The cleanup job is ongoing. I think MirVac, the shopping centre owner aims for a complete revamp of Toombul Shopping Centre, so it may well be years before the Toombul Clinic has a chance to come back in the shopping centre. Wether the Doctor owning the centre can survive the castastrophe and rebuild the clinic remains to be seen. It is likely to cost at least $300 000 to revamp the Centre minimum.



The old DDU / Now MHRQ: will also give you a list of private prescribers.

The Toombul clinic policy was 'ONE PROBLEM --- ONE CONSULTATION'. We have felt this

Dr Andrew Pluta: still waiting for AHPRA to sort out its paperwork to let him return to work. One and a half years now.

Dr Warwick Marks: working at his own clinic: Millenium Medical Centre on Wickham Tce, just off Litle Edward St.


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Dr David De Bahl: working at East Brisbane Medical Centre:

East Brisbane Medical Centre

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General Information: On Line Appointments


DR PLUTA does undertake Women’s Health issues, HIV treatment, HCV Hepatitis C treatment,
Children’s Health, Skin Cancer Surgery and Sexual Health Medicine.

Corona Virus Information



The Toombul Shopping Centre Management is requesting that ALL methadone patients are not to attend at the Toombul Medical Centre.

Much of the problem is due to appearance. I would ask that all patients are well and neatly dressed and that they be respectful of other people and staff to avoid upsetting - The Toombul Shopping Centre Management.



The Science of Addiction Medicine









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