Seeking A Script and Medications:

Dr P's former Patients:

Biala City Community Health Centre
Address: 270 Roma St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
Dr P will be unable to provide you with any further QOTP scripts of any other scripts.

1800 177 833  Alcohol and Drug Service Brisbane

Advise the person who your  answers the phone that you are a patient of Dr P and are looking for your QOTP Script and if you require other scripts please advise them at this time what you will be requiring.

Alcohol and Drug Service Brisbane will give you direction.

There is an explanation as to why this is necessary on the following website






Dr P's Official Work address:
Toombul: Gone and Closed : the Shopping Centre will be upgraded.

81 Lytton Rd, East Brisbane, Qld 4169
P: 3391 4978
F: 3391 6966







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Reece A Stuart: currently full: not taking extra patients
Dr David Hunt: currently full: not taking extra patients



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